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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 22, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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good wednesday morning. coming up on early today. polar plunge, arctic air, bone chilling wind. winter fury in full this day. power problems, politicians in powerful positions put in situations that need explaining. school shoot k, this time purdue university. one dead and the shooter in custody. a bold prediction from bill gates. buffett billion basketball and toronto mayor rob ford is back in the news for the wrong reasons. it's wednesday, january 22.
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"early today" starts right now. hello. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. we start with the storm that's no joke. start in west mitch began. looks like the north pole. last year the lakes were frozen over. this year the ice covers to double. meanwhile thousands of flights cancelled across the country. now it's a fight just to stay warm as brutally cold temperatures settle in. our meteorologist bill karins is here. this lives up to hype around it. >> it's full blown blizzard conditions there. the storm is pushing out of the big city. snow is over philadelphia. d.c. and baltimore four to five. an additional inch or two through the day. it's not the snow anymore but
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the cold coming in behind it. the lowest wind chills now even including alaska are watertown, new york wind chill of minus 45. >> oh my goodness. thank you for that rude a wakening bill. let's go to the weather channel mike slidell where it's snowing side wway. what a are you experiencing except a lot of cold? >> reporter: it's been snowing like this all night long. the wind is off the atlantic, winds gusting upwards of 45 miles per hour blowing and drifting the snow around. you can see what happens when you get this wind and powdery snow. when you throw it in the air it goes everywhere. there's not much traffic, basically everything is closed. all schools are shut down on the
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boston metro and on the island cape. because of the drifting snow, they try to plow, and snow gets blown back over them. reagan international has about 130 flights. there will be delays. they've had five inches in boston. here towards providence, totals topping 15 inches of snow. the blizzard warning continues on the south shore on the cape until this afternoon. the snow gradually winds down by midday. snow showers this afternoon and winds which are howling now will eventually back off as we head toward sun down this evening. back to you. >> hope he stays warm as best he can. tens of thousands of in loans, shopping spree, even a joyride in a ferrari. what are we talking about? it's detailed in the 14 count against the former virginia.
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he's accused of illegally accepting gifts from the head of a dietary supplement maker named johnny williams. the governor who's term ended weeks ago apologized for what he called poor judgment and strongly be denied wrong doing. he insists the gifts he was given have been repaid with interest and were not meant as a way to curry favor. >> i did nothing illegal for mr. williams in exchange what i believed was his personal friendship and generosity. >> prosecutors say mcdonald's kwief asked williams to take her on a shopping spree in new york. he spent $20,000 buying her designer dresses. she asked for a $50,000 loan and $15,000 to cover catering at her daughter's wedding. the charges say the former
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governor persuaded williams to make a $50,000 loan to a business coown on top of golf outings, vacations and a personally inscribed rolex watch. virginia lawmakers are speaking out. >> i certainly believe in the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. it's a sad day for the common weather. >> this is a good man. >> i'm not a lawyer, but i just have doubts as the strength of the federal case. >> the mcdonnells are expected to enter a not guilty plea. they could face prison time and hefty fines. >> let's take you to new jersey. it was supposed to be a day of celebration for chris christie. polling suggesting the scandals are taking their toll. the americans are equally divided on whether he'd make a good president.
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he's trailing hillary clinton in the matchup. as jay gray reports, christie is remaining optimistic. >> so help me god. >> new jersey governor chris christie begins his second term surrounded by controversy. state lawmakers have now create what had they call a super committee will subpoena power to investigate abuses of power by christie's administration. accusations that include bridge gate, a plan allegedly carried out by senior members of the governor's staff that closed lanes on the george washington bridge creating a massive traffic jam for days to punish a political rival. and new allegations that lieutenant governor and guadagno and other members threatened to withhold sandy relief funds. this is something the lieutenant governor has adamantly denied.
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chris christie didn't talk about the controversy in his political address. he talked about the issue of the core of allegations at his administration. >> i will not let up. i will insist we work together. we can put the future of our state ahead of the partisans who would rather demonize than compromise. >> as christie begins his second term working to make sure he hasn't compromised his office orb a potential presidential campaign. jay gray, nbc news, trenton, new jersey. >> christie is taking shots from at least one republican. ken says christie should resign as head of the governor's association. police are looking for a motive in a deadly shooting at purdue university. 23-year-old coty cousins is held on a murder charge. police say he walked in the classroom and fatally shot a
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student, andrew bolt who was also a teaching assistant. police believe it was an intentional act because no one else was hurt. classes are cancelled today. here's something that may blow your mind as we deal with temperatures and polar vortexes. 2013 is tied with the fourth warmest year on record. nasa says nine of the ten warmest have happened in this century. it's hard to fathom this dealing with temperatures we have today. >> people in the east are like what are you talking about? >> this doesn't feel like global warming. >> people in the west are like it's hot and dry, listen to me. it's a big concept. let me give you a number out of las vegas. this draught continues to set records in las vegas. record dry stretch of 48 days,
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the number of consecutive winter days without precipitation, longest dry stretch they've had in the wintertime in las vegas. that number is going to keep going up. easily going through the weekend no wet weather in sight at all. as we look at the next ten day, not optimistic. maybe in the northwest, but this is an unusual pa of fog and poor air quality especially in med ford area. we have set record highs now in areas almost everyday this month. it's mind blowing how dry and hot. >> records keep shattering don't they. listen to this. it's the size of an a corn and
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is still so much softer and more absorbent you can use up to four times less. i believe it, but i still gotta squeeze it. [ female announcer ] used by more plumbers charmin is now clog-free or it's free. ever loss on duchlt . welcome back everybody. the 20-year-old bart veteran is survived by his wife and 6-year-old daughter. a traffic stop by california highway of patrol left one suspect dead and a police canine recovering a gunshot wound. the dog was sent after the armed suspect with two officers also in pursuit. the officers discharged their weapons hitting the suspect and the dog. the 41st annual march for life is set to go on as planned even with polar temperatures.
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the pro life event is expecting thousands to supreme on the supreme court on the row v wae. 84% do not see abortion as an all or nothing proposition saying both the mother and unborn child can be protected. the gun on the christ the redeemer statue after it was damaged by a lightning strike last week. time to get down to business. many car crash time. the insurance company put 11 cars to the test. only one, chevrolet spark received the acceptable rating. other ten were rated marginal or poor, not good. the crash test replicates what happens when the front corner of the vehicle collides with another vehicle or an object
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like tree or utility pole. bill gates makes a stunning prediction about the year 2025. here's what he told. >> the poor country has moved to middle income. we have 50s that are poor. we need to work on that. i predict in 20 years there will be less than ten because of the rapid progress we've seen. >> on nbc an incredibly rare and valuable 29.6 carat blue diamond has been found in a south african mine. the acorn size diamond that fits in the palm of land is set to be worth tens of millions of. some say throw a-rod out. your chance to become a millionaire. and the bike stunt show you don't want to my. about insurance. -- to miss. an what if you didn't know an that posting your travel plans online may attract burglars? to miss. to miss. the to miss. prses,to miss. t. . . .
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this morning on the "today" show, the highway threat police are trying to crack down on. how car trailers could be putting you in danger. let's get the latest in sports from my friend richard lui. >> we got it. the players want a-rod out. alex rodriguez is selling the league over the game suspension. got that.
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during the conference call of board members, players say the angry kicking out of a rod is a problem. they want it done. let's get to the court. unranked texas tied score two seconds left in the game. texas shoots as you see. it is good. texas upset 67-64. number three michigan state had the come from behind against unranked indiana. they survive to beat the hoosiers 71-66. let's talk warren buffett adding madness to march madness. he's teaming up to quicken loans to offer $1 billion in a challenge put your if anything tore your chin. here's your deal. pick all 67 winners in the spring basketball tournament. >> good luck with that. >> the winner can choose to take 40 annual payments of $25 million or a lump sum of $500
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million. the multiple winners would split the cash. the odds of picking all winners is one in 9.2 quinn tilllion chances. we told you about the speed skater who was frustrated losing to a competitor. the follow up, he lost his bronze metal. he and his team were disqualified from the championships. and michelle obama talked about the meeting last week. it promoted better eating. >> either way foods help make you a better athlete. >> oh. >> video bomb. video bomb. a first ever event stunt by
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19-year-old pro rider ryan williams on the 50 foot ramp. pulled off the world's first toward bike flip on the bmx bike. the bronco thunderstorm parachute club of the broncos. they have one of those. they use cameras to capture the flight into sunday's afc championship game at sports authority field. . >> blimps are so 1980s. >> all right. thank you richard. just ahead, the actor took a gamble do you think the "the wolf on wall street" but the pay off could prove to be golden. that's next. [ male announcer ] walgreens understands being at the corner
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it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. so how much doing jonah hill got paid for the "the wolf on wall street." $1 million? $2 million? try $60,000. that's all. he took the s.a.g. minimum payment for the shoot to work with martin. it paid off. he's nominated for an academy award for best supporting actor. john stamos is in a new ad.
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look who he brought with him. >> what do you say boy? time to go to bed? >> don't you thit it's time to get our own places? >> nah. and expecting baby number five this summer for this couple. congratulations to them. in a gq interview, katy perry believes in aliens and plans to get to the bottom of that by speaking to president barack obama about it. she says quote, if my relationship gets any better with president barack obama i'm going to ask about b that. jimmy fallon has good advice for late night air seth myers. >> make friends with justin timberlake. >> i would say that's good advice for just about anybody. i'm betty nguyen on nbc. we hope this is your first stop on nbc. rt of sneeze season. the wind-blown watery eyes.
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leading the news from the associated press, exclusive new regulars sought for child car seats. it's proposed the car seats would have to protect the child from impact impact. and twitter storm over russia olympics. the twin toilet. yes, look at this photo from the center showing a side by side men's commodes. that begs the question why? that's tmi there. other stories we're watching.
4:27 am
edward snow den says allegations are absurd. the former nsa contractor tells the magazine he acted alone. billionaire real estate says he's still nominating trump with the presidential campaign in 2016. he says chris christie's prospects have dimmed saying he's quote one e-mail away from disaster. >> trying to tell me [ bleep ], you know what i mean? >> say what? rob ford is apparently at it again. new video shows the em battled toronto mayor swearing, mumbling, speak with a jamaican act sent. we don't know what that's about. last year he admitted to smoking crack. he admits to drinking monday
4:28 am
night but says he wasn't being offensive. >> what i do in my personal life with personal friends is up to me. it has nothing to do with you guys. it's my own time, my old friends. thank you guys. no, no. >> i thought after the first round he would get past it. >> oh you did not? >> i had a little bit -- >> you've never known an addict before have you? time for a look back at this day in 1984. apple unveiled the classic computer with a tv commercial. >> on january 24, apple computer will introduce macintosh. you'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984. >> we want to say happy birthday to celebrity chef, and steve perry of journey 65.
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mourning the loss of one of their own. this morning, more questions than answers as to how a b.a.r.t. officer was killed in the line of duty, shot to death by a fellow officer. developing news in oakland, authorities investigating the second deadly shooting involving chp officers in just 24 hours. we'll have a live report from the scene. live look outside. early start. looking at san francisco, along the embarcadero. wednesday, january 22nd. this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. it's 4:30 i'm scott mcgrew. i'm laura garcia-cannon. lots to get to. first the


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